1. Dental Training Consultants’ DFT Mock Workshop is arranged and presented by the Dental Training Consultants (DTC), with the help of Dental Protection, independent presenters, and contributors

2. Presenters at the Dental Training Consultants’ DFT Mock Workshop retain copyright of all material delivered at the workshop. Materials must not be copied or removed from the venue without express written permission from the relevant party.

3. You agree not to reproduce, sell, hire or copy any materials (in whole or in part) and not to use such materials except for reference.

4.  You agree not to replicate, launch or teach on a DFT or DCT course of your own after attending a DTC course for a 36 months period.

5. Bookings for the workshop are handled by DTC and/or Dental Protection Limited.

6. Dental Training Consultants’ DFT Mock Workshop is available to Dental Protection members and non-members.

7. Cancellations will not be refunded.

8. Your written notification should be addressed to the mailbox of:

9. Course fees will not be refunded due to non-attendance or part attendance at the workshop.

10. Any additional, post and package, PayPal or any other render fee will not be refunded.

11. If the workshop is cancelled by DTC for any reason, you will receive a full refund. However, please note that DTC will not be liable for any travel and accommodation costs or other out of pocket expenses that you may incur should a cancellation take place.